Jeannette Muzima

I help non-profit Arts Organizations write content marketing that helps them build and increase their donor base.

Non-profit arts organizations struggle with finding a writer who viscerally understands what is really being marketed — an experience of the arts.  Even harder is finding a writer who has been, and currently is, a performing artist, especially one who can easily communicate the passion and appreciation of the arts because they live that awareness.

That’s where I can help.  My name is Jeannette Muzima, and I help non-profit arts organizations write marketing copy and content  that help them increase their donor base.

Unlike most arts writers, I AM an artist and educator, which means that I truly understand what you’re trying to accomplish. And I can also more easily communicate the excitement and inspiration that an arts experience will give the patron, which helps increase the donor base.

Learn more about how I could help you.  Contact me to discuss your next project.