Jeannette Muzima


I felt quite honored when I was asked to write a testimonial for my friend and mentor of 40 years Jeannette Muzima. Jeannette has taught me by her kind, loving and compassionate heart

the importance of loyalty, commitment and generosity. She has empowered me by example in her leadership, trust and her willingness to be highly committed with all that she pursues. Most importantly, she is always ready with a deep appreciation and her true gift of enthusiasm to extend her help and expertise to others.  

Paula Gallitano



Associate Professor ~ Songwriting

Berklee College Of Music

Jeannette Muzima has over forty years of experience as an arts educator, composer,musician, and writer. Her understanding of how art and cultural organizations work is vast. As someone who has known her as a writer on both coasts of the United States, I recommend her with enthusiasm to anyone who wishes to develop and grow a project from start to finish. 

Camille Norton, PhD

Professor of English

University of the Pacific

Stockton CA